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Maine Law and Harvesting


There are state laws you must keep in mind when conducting wood harvesting operations in Maine. Most of the links direct you to the state agency responsible for enforcing these laws.  The law information is sometimes very long. There are also other laws that can apply to timber harvesting. Always check about local rules created by the town you are operating in.


1.  Forest Practices Act

2.  MFS Interpretation of FPA

3.  Forest Regen and Clearcut Standards

4.  Liquidation Harvesting

5.  MFS Interpretation of Liquidation Harvesting

6.  Timber Harvesting in Shoreland Areas

7.  Natural Resource Protection Act - DEP

8.  Wetlands Protection - DEP

9.  Wetland Rules - DEP

10.  Permit by Rule - DEP

11.  Permit by Rule Standards - Facts

12.  Timber Harvests - LURC

13.  Worker Comp and Landowner Issues

14.  Boundary Line Info




​Maine Forestry

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