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"I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines."


Henry David Thoreau

Welcome to Maine Forestry


This website is your free forest information source with topics on Maine forest laws, taxes,  pruning, thinning, timber harvesting, wildlife, forestry news , cost-share programs, consultant forestry, and much more! 


If you need forestry assistance, help is just a phone call or e-mail away.  The laws and rules governing your woodlot are continually changing and you must keep up to date of the these changes.  You are responsible for activities that are undertaken on your land.  You must know the current laws or hire someone that does.  I am a licensed professional forester with many years of experience in the woods related industry.  I would take great pride in managing or assessing your timberlands or woodlot.  Together we could accomplish your goals.  If you need someone to supervise a timber harvest, I can help you with process from start to finish.  If you want to save money on your woodland taxes, I can help you greatly reduce them.  The services that I offer are listed on this site.  Check out my blog.  I will be adding new information very often and have lots of interesting ideas you may like and find interesting. Contact me with any ideas or subject matter you would like information on. 

Maine Woodlot
by Michael Rochester

Woodland Trails: Trails offer access to your woodlot if you have no roads or want to access areas with no road access.  Info


The Maine Woodlot:  This series of articles was written by me to help you make informed decisions about your woodlot. Check back as I will add chapters as I write them.


Chapter 1:  What is a Woodlot?


Chapter 2:  What are my Objectives


Chapter 3:  Boundary Lines  


Chapter 4:  Soils 


Chapter 5:  What is on Your Woodlot


Chapter 6:  Forest Health


Chapter 7:  Forest Management 

Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs require a certain amount of yearly maintenance if they are to remain healthy and be a proud piece of your landscape.  The following articles will provide you with basic tree care tips.


Pruning Deciduous Trees and Shrubs


Planting Shrubs


Planting Trees


Guidelines for Assessing Storm Damaged Trees


Pruning Storm Damaged Trees


Managing Winter Injury to Trees and Shrubs


How to Graft Apple Trees


Renovating Old Apple Trees


Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs

Backyard Wildlife Habitats

Want to attract more wildlife to your yard? Care in the selection of trees, shrubs, and flowers will help. Placement is also important.


Backyard Wildlife Habitats


Backyard Habitats (MCE)


Feeding Wild Birds


Wildlife Habitat


Wildlife Habitat and Forest Management

Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard



Forest Taxes

This information can help you manage taxes associated with your woodlot. 


Tax Tips - 2019 Year


Guide to Federal Income Tax


Estate Planning


Federal Income Tax on Timber


Timber REITs and Taxation


Michael Rochester

2641 Aroostook Road

Eagle Lake, ME 04739


GPS Corner

Want to learn how use a GPS?  You also have to learn how to use the compass. I am working on a series and will start posting the lessons as I write them. I will be using the Garmin Map series for my GPS reference. Any Garmin will work.  Other brands will work but I don't use them.  If enough interest is generated, I will have a field day to practice in the woods.


Intoduction to the Compass

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​Maine Forestry

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